Interesting facts about uttarakhand


Interesting Facts about uttrakhand Uttarakhand officially known as Uttaranchal State (Uttaranchal King), Uttaranchal is a state in the northern part of India. Due to many Hindu temples and pilgrimage centers found throughout the state, it is often known as Devabhoomi (literally "Land of Gods"). Uttarakhand is known for the natural environment of the Himalayas, Bhabhar and Tharai. On November 9, 2000, Uttarakhand became the 27th state of the Republic of India, which was formed from the Himalayas in Uttar Pradesh and the surrounding North Western districts.Tibet limit boundaries; Mahakali Zone of the Far-Western Region, Nepal in the East; And in south-west of Uttar Pradesh and west and north-west on the south-western corner of Himachal Pradesh and Haryana.

Some Interesting facts about uttrakhand

1.In uttarakhand their is famous heritage sites called "valley of flower".which is famous for many types of flower in high altitude.

2.The national bird of uttarakhand is 'monal'.it is see around 8 to 10 thousand feets of forest.

3.The state has been divided into two departments, Garhwal and Kumaon with total 13 districts.

4.Uttarakhand's interim capital is Dehradun, which is the largest city in the state,

5.The High Court of the State is located in Nainital.

6.Uttarakhand has huge potential for tourism, regardless of nature, wildlife, courage or temple. 

7.The major places are Haridwar, Rishikesh, Dehradun, Mussoorie, Almora, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Yamunotri, Gangotri, Jim Corbett National Park, Nainital, Ranikhet and Pithauragarh.

8.Two major regional languages ​​of Uttarakhand are Garhwali and Kumaon, but Hindi is the most spoken language.

9.If you talk about the history of Uttarakhand, it can be said that it is found in many Hindu mythology, but its history can be best understood through the history of Garhwal and Kumaon.

10.The tree of the kingdom of this is 'buraan'

11.The largest cities of this state are Dehradun, Bageshwar, Ranikhet, Kausani, Auli, Rudraprayag, Haridwar.

12.Its main crops are tea, pulses, oilseeds.

13.The total length of roads in the state is 29939 km

14.Uttarakhand project is the first state in the country to start education.

15.The country's first mother T-Hindi lab has been established in Dehradun on February 6, 2003. It has been established by Lab Laboratories Limited. 

16.The highest peak of uttrakhand is nanda Devi .

17.Jim Corbett park is the oldest park of India.its was created in 1936 to save the Bengal was situated in ramnagar near nanital.

18.In uttrakhand their are many lake but some are very famous like nanital bhimtal  sattal 

19.The first agriculture University is open in uttrakhand in 1960 known as GB PANT agriculture university.

These are some intresting  facts about uttarakhand .

Interesting facts about "hitler"


Interesting facts about "hitler"  Adolf Hitler April 20, 1889 - April 30, 1945) was a German politician who was leader of the Nazi Party (National Securityist Deutsche Arbitrate (NSDAP)) from 1933 to 1945. Nazi Germany ("leader") as Vice-Chancellor and Fuhrer from 1934 to 1945, as a dictator, Hitler launched the Second World War in Europe in September 1939, with the invasion of Poland, and It was the center of the cataclysm.


             27 facts about "hitler"

1.Hitler stood 155 pounds and stood less than 5 '10 "tall. His weight is just an estimate because he refused to wear clothes for medical examinations.

2.Some historians believe that while serving as a soldier during WWI, Hitler had a son with a French teenager. It is said that Hitler had established a relationship with the woman named Charlotte Lobo in June 1917. His son Jean-Marie Lauret died in 1985 at the age of 67. He never met his father, but he was the Nazis in "World War II".

3.A private dentist had 110 pounds of dental gold with Jewish concentration victims in his possession, it is unknown whether he used them in Hitler's teeth.

4.Allies sometimes sing a song that starts with "Hitler", they have only one ball. . . "Since then, hundreds of pages have been guessed about their genitals, but the debate is not conclusive.

5.Hitler told his generals that he could greet more than any of his subordinates. Contemporary fiction attributed it to a narrow spring support under its jacket sleeve.

6.Hitler's rule is often known as the Third Rock or Hitler's propaganda minister of the Third Kingdom, Gobell has greatly promoted this period, the first Reich was the Holy Roman Empire of the Middle Ages; The second was founded by Bismarck.

7.During his childhood, Hitler and his family lived near the Benedictine monastery, in which there was a large prostitute in the coat of arms.

8.Historians have reported that in 1944, Hitler personal therapist Theodore Moreale started testosterone Hitler injections, especially when Eva Braun was around. They also believe that before meeting with Braun, Hitler occasionally used to remove excesses from the nutritious holes of young bulls and prostate glands in their bloodstream.

9.Hitler personal physician gave Hitler every demand, from which Hitler became addicted to bullets. For example, Dr. Morrell supplied it with provocative Pravitin, which is a component in the drug crystal meth. Hitler also supplied his troops on the front with medicine. Incidentally, today Pravitin is also called "Hitler's Speed".

10.Hitler jolted the sex dolls to fight the syphilis of Nazi soldiers. Dolls were smaller than the size of life and could easily fit into a soldier's backpack. He initially contacted Hungarian actress Kathy von Nagy to serve as a doll model, but when he refused, he chose a blue blond version for the swan .

11.Recently, a clothing shop was opened in the Indian metropolis of Ahmedabad, named "Hitler". In a letter Hitler, the letter mentions "I".

12.Hitler's immediate legacy is dramatic and includes the Cold War, Partition Germany, Iron Curtain, Nuclear Weapons, and Moral Trauma.

13.Hitler  longest relation was with Eva Braun (1912-19 45). To try Hitler meditation, he tried to commit suicide twice.

14.Hitler was a talented waiter, but he was a lukewarm voice as a result of facing a gas attack during the Air Force.

15.When Hitler's closest associate Ernst Hanfstangg told him that his small mustache is unfresceable, Hitler replied: "If this is not fashionable, then it will be because I wear it."

16.Historians argue whether Hitler was a natural result of German history or a retreat behind it.

17.Hitler and Eva Braun married in 1945 and killed themselves 36 hours later. Braun was 33 years old. Hitler was 56.

18.Keep in mind the historians that Hitler's regime is particularly chilli ...

19.Adolf Hitler's mother, Clara Hitler, had planned to perform abortions, but at some point the doctor refused to do so.

20.German dictator Hitler born in Austria on April 20, 1889, has never been able to do good studies. He never went to college

21.Adolf Hitler dreamed of being a priest in childhood. At the age of four, only one friend saved Hitler from drowning.

22.After leaving studies in 1905, he tried luck in painting, but he was not admitted to the School of Art and other arts academies. Ultimately Hitler had turned into politics.

23.During the meeting of "Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose", German dictator Adolf Hitler faced a major embarrassment. He wrote many objectionable things about India and Indian in his book. When Netaji hated Hitler with mentioning these things with Hitler, he apologized for it. He also promised to remove the controversial statement.

24.In modern history, Hitler was the first person to start a anti-smoking campaign.

25.Even after the massacre, Hitler was purely a vegetarian. Not only that, he has also made a law against animal cruelty

26.Hitler suffers from bloating problems, he took medicines in 28 ways

27.Adolf Hitler stole the idea of ​​making a 'Volkswagen Beetle Car' from a Jewish engineer

india and china war history

 india and china war history; War  between 'China and India' in Hindi is in the times of 1962. India had to face military defeat in this war. There have been many reasons, at that time, India had to face defeat due to the forces of defense and political forces. Many martyrs were killed in this, the impact of this result was very bad for India and China, especially India. That day the war started people still remember for National Ekta Divas. The history of this war, the failure of India and its causes have been shown here.

History of war between 'india and china'

Fierce horror war recorded in the pages of history in 1962 between 'India and China'. India faced defeat in this war, but this war taught our country the meaning of diplomacy. who then  Did not understand that he himself had accepted that he only considered it as a general dispute, which could have ended with talks. He clarified that India was far away from reality in its own created area. Evidence was present to us a great deal, but we ignored it. The immediate government of defeat in this war has been put forward He accused these allegations on the government. Clearly, this war was the result of negligence Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Always doubt China's determination. They used to address him on some faces, something he himself referred to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, but Nehru also ignored this fact. Perhaps due to these negligence, China attacked India and India had to face defeat, but the Chinese move had a tremendous shock over its international image.

'Indian and china' war date

China attacked India on October 20, 1962, the war lasted until November 21. India had to face defeat in this war. On that day, on October 20, India is remembered as National Day. However, since 1959, China had launched small attacks on India. The situation was fast on the border. The reason behind this was that at that time, India had given shelter to the Dalai Lama, and that was not to digest China and it had created the mind of war somewhere.
The India-China conflict came from the time of the country's independence. The war of 1962 was a border war, but here are several reasons. This war happened on the northeast border of India. According to the current situation, this area was in Aksai (desert area) of Arunachal Pradesh and China, where this war was fought. India has separated from China from the borders of Nepal, Bhutan and current Tibet, thus there are three important boundaries between India and China.

location of 'china and india' war

The first sign of this war was first found in the border in 1959. At that time, China had created an atmosphere of war in 'Ladakh Kongga', which India could not understand. After this, in 1962, there was a war between 'Arunachal Pradesh' and 'Aksaiyya' in China for one month for one month. This war is very deep between the high hills. At this time, the government and officials of AMM Milleri were informed about the mistakes made in the course of appropriate action and proceedings by the Indian side in this war. On November 21, China announced a ceasefire. India was defeated but after the war ended, the Chinese had also announced to leave the occupied areas. Internationally, the image of China was spoiled, and by this war it was also clear that there are many isolation in Indian politics. Due to this war mutual differences came out and started appearing internationally.

result of 'india and china' war

There were many reasons for defeat from 'China', but those discussions have not been discussed till date.
In the first case, finger was raised on 'Krishna Menon' who was then the Defense Minister. With them, 'Lieutenant General BM Kaul' who was then the commander of the North East region, got the post because of the Defense Minister, while Kaul did not have the experience for this post. There was no war of Kaul, yet he was made commander. The defense minister was responsible for this matter. Kaul got sick in this war, but still the responsibility of the war was fulfilled from the house, so many army officers were not happy, but nobody violated his mouth, because for Kaul Menon Was very special. The war ended, but when the truth of Kaul and Menon came to everyone, the President himself opposed it and Menon was removed from the post of defense minister. Action was also taken against Kaul.

reason why india lost the war against china

.Malik, then head of intelligence agency at that time. They did not properly test China's behavior towards India. Nor did he create a proper policy. The intelligence agency did not take any action on China's signals, nor did the army force the forces to pre-prepare.

.Pandit Nehru was in the same idea that China is not poor because of relations with the Soviet Union because China can not fight. The result of such insults was that this big war, which was to face the defeat of India due to only non-responsible acts. This was the biggest hand of the military officers and the intelligence agency, because these people could show the truth to Pandit Nehru, but people were not able to say wrong on their face and China was able to take advantage of it easily.

.The reason for the defeat in the war was not to use the proper air force. 'American intelligence' told that there was no proper management for air operations in China. If India takes advantage of it, then the result of the war will be different.

.The last reason was that India had no right wing policy, with which she could control this war.
After this war, the Government of India had to become the subject of deep criticism. As the result of the government's policies and condemnation of the defense force itself, 

political reaction after lost the war

on November 9,Defense Minister Menon was suspended. Many soldiers killed in the war, made the country unstable. Due to this war, India was aware of China's determination, against Bhai's slogan, Hindi Bhai opposed and India understood the importance of diplomacy. The committee was formed to know the reasons for the defeat, in which General Henderson Brooks and PS Bhagat took appropriate action, and the reasons for the Henderson-Brooks-Bhagat report were stated. Which has not been fully kept up to date. Perhaps the reason for this was that the main reason for this war was the failure of Prime Minister Nehru.

Indian film on the topic of india china war

This war is a series of stories related to this war. On one of those stories, actor 'Salman Khan' is going to make a film, which is named 'Tublite', which is planned to be released ON EID'


Meghalaya tourism |best place to visit in meghalaya

Meghalaya tourism |Best places to visit in meghalaya: Meghalaya is a state in northeastern India, in Sanskrit the name is "Residuary of the clouds". By 2016, the population of Meghalaya is estimated at 3,211,474. Meghalaya is about 22,430 sq. Km. Area, which has a width ratio of about 3: 1.

if u want to planning to go meghalaya you must visit these  places

1.Nohkalikai Falls

Nohkalikai Waterfalls is around 5 km from Cherrapunjee and is the fourth highest waterfall in the world. Falling from a height of 1,100 ft, this fall is a great attraction of Cherrapunjee."Drive for Nokulki Falls is through a high basement which leads to the rock and then enhances an approach from a short distance from where you can witness"  the enchanting sight of the beautiful Nohkalikai waterfall plunging down in.

2.elephant fall

elephant Falls are situated in main city outside area. they are 12km away from main city. two tier waterfall set in the dingles of the rocks are unique parts of elephant Falls .there are two falls both are busy and famous spot.

the best time to visit elephant Falls in the rainy season. in rainy season elephant Falls comes to its full Vigor. July and August these two months their are huge crowd. in meghalaya elephant Falls is must visit destination for tourist

3.all saints church

all saints church are oldest church of was situated in kacheri road. this church are built by British in British era.on 1897 church was fully damaged due to earthquake in Shillong and reconstruted on 1897.

the church located opposite to "state central library".very silent place. church are prepared through wooden only through colonial style architecture. in this church u can spend ur beautiful moments of life.around this u can see the beautiful Hills,falls,butterfly,and museum.they give u full satisfaction.

4.Shillong bara bazar 

it is considered as one of the largest traditional style market in north eastern India. it is busy and crowded market in the heart of Shillong ,where local women come to sells their animals  you will also find some local street foods. it's open 8am to 5pm if u want to avoid crowd wake up in the morning.


meghalaya is also known for its caves more than 1000 of them are. the most cave in near  Cherapuji two hours from Shillong. it's maintained as show cave for tourist and is lit up all the way. it's include a list of caves in meghalaya tourism state comprising "litprana" the largest cave.


probably the most famous attraction of meghalaya deep in the tropical jungle is deep and there is rain for more rain and rain in the cloud. there are some amazing man made natural wonders which are known as living roots bridges. the inventue members of the khasi tribe have trained them to develop the Eastern Rabi trees which is north eastern region there are two places to see the bridges near cherrapunji and mavelinong.

These are some places to visit in "shillong"

What is Hajj | umrah packages | hajj 2017


What is Hajj |umrah packages |hajj 2017   Islam is a religion that believes in a God. All its teachings and beliefs have been written in the Quran (Quran or Koran also spelled). People who follow Islam say Muslims, they believe that the Koran was spoken by Muhammad Gabriel to Muhammad, and this is the word of Allah.

What is Hajj and what is its ritual ?

according to  their are 5 pillar and hajj pilgrimage is one from them. it's is a duty of every Muslim to visit mecca one time in his life. only those people goes to hajj who are physically fit.

5 pillars of islam

1.every Muslim believe in Muhammad rasool of hazrat sahib and will not worship anyone except Allah.

2.every Muslim will keep a fast on month of Ramadan.

3.all Muslim pray namaz  5 times a day.

4.every Muslim goes "mecca" a pilgrimage of Muslim's one time on his life.

5.all Muslim's donate 2 percent of his earnings for religious work.

timing to travel hajj

last Month of Islamic calendar date 8th to 12th Muslim people traveling for hajj dates is vary according to English calendar according to Muslim calender dates remain same.

ways of hajj

the first step for hajj is ihram. men wear whites pieces of two seams without a sewing stitch. women wearing open saffron which all body covered instead of eyes. during hajj sex, fighting, and cutting of nails are prohibited.

second step are "tawaf" all the hajji goes masjid Al haram who are in where kaba situated and round the seven times opposite direction of clock

after tawaf the hajji was walking around the two forest which are safa and Marwan this is called Sai.

"tawaf and sai" rituals called umara after that real rituals of hajj are began

first day

after umara next day morning namaz are pray and hajji reach Meena which are 5km away from mecca. and after that 4 times namaz are pray by hajji.

second day

on the second day hajji reach Arafat mountain which are 10km away from Meena. it's is necessary to spend afternoon at Arafat mountain. it not hajj will be incomplete.

after the sun rise hajji goes to muzdalaphat situated between Arafat and Meena they live till midnight at same time he collect stone to kill the devil.

third day
the third day are bakrid day ln that day hajji goes to Meena to kill the devil through stones three times. in Meena there are three main pillars. hajji thrown stones for bigger pillar.the stones rituals twice more times for next few days. after the stoning.the goat's are halal and meat are distributed to needy people.
after the halal of goat's men's cuts their hair and women cuts only hair around half of fingertip.

after cutting hair again one time tawaf rituals will held hajji goes mecca and rounded 7times of kaba

forth day
on this day the rituals of stonches stones on devils hajji thrown stones seven times all the pillars

fifth day

on this day rituals of thrown Stone to devil is fulfield again.  hajji leaves mecca before sun is set.

So these are some important rituals of hajj 2017.

Interesting facts about ISRO U want to know

Interesting facts about ISRO U want to knowIndian Space Research Organization is the Indian Space Agency's , whose
headquarters is in the city of Bangalore. Its approach is to use space technology for national development during space science research and exploration of planets.Established in 1969, ISRO established the Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's efforts for independent India and in 1962, the Indian National Committee for Space Research and established his close associate and scientific Vikram Sarabhai ISRO. Type of institution has institutionalized space activities in India.It is managed by the Department of Space, which reports to the Prime Minister of the Republic of India.

Interesting facts about ISRO U want to know

1.Mars mission

GSLV is heavily used to install satellites at a height of 36,000 kilometers from Earth
With the arrival of Mangalan on Mars, India has already become the first country to reach Mars in an effort. Earlier, the first Mars mission of any country was not successful.You will be happy to know that due to Chandrayaan-1, India has become the first country to find water on the moon. Chandrayaan sent strong evidence of water on the rocks on the moon, which the rest of the world's space agencies also believed.

2.Mangalyan mission

Under the Mangalyaan mission, ISRO sent another satellite from Mars and sent a satellite on November 5, 2013, which successfully established Mars class on September 24, 2014 after 298 days of travel.
The rocket is a wi-so that the satellites are released, ISRO has two major rockets - PSLV and GSLV.Under the Chandrayaan-1 campaign, ISRO sent an unmanned vehicle to the moon class for research.

3.Indian Space department

You would be surprised to know that India's Space Department used to be the first under the Department of Atomic Department of India, but the work of the Department of Space was very high and in 1969, it was made a separate entity under the name of ISRO.

4.Establishment of "ISRO"

ISRO's Full Form - Indian Space Research Organization In Hindi it is called 'Indian Space Research Organization'.on the Independence Day in the year 1969. ISRO was founded by Dr. Vikram Sarabhai  He is said to be the father of the space program of India.

5.Scientist in "ISRO"

Nearly 17 thousand scientists work in ISRO. You must be surprised to know that many scientists have dedicated their entire life to ISRO and not made a lifetime marriage.


With the help of PSLV, 10 satellites were omitted simultaneously on April 28, 2008, and on June 22, 2016, 20 satellites were set up in the orbit of the earth.The scientists believed that Chandrayaan-1 would continue to work for 2 years, but unfortunately after 10 months, the mission ended only after the contact with Chandrayaan was discontinued in August 2009. But the good thing is that within ten months Chandrayaan had completed its 95% work.

7."ISRO" source of income

By October 2016, ISRO has launched more than 100 domestic and foreign satellites. Many in foreign satellitesAnd there are also large countries like Russia. ISRO has earned more than Rs. 700 crores by launching foreign satellite.ISRO's Head Quarter is in Bengaluru and it has a total of 13 centers across the country.PSLV is used to release small-sized light satellites. So far, more than 70 satellites have been released by PSLV.

8.Budget of "ISRO"

Chandrayaan was released from Satish Dhawan Space Center on October 22, 2008 and it took about 5 days to reach the moon and it took 15 days for the moon to be installed.ISRO's budget is 0.34% of the central government's total expenditure and 0.08% of the gross domestic product. It is not worth anybody else

9.Expenditure of "ISRO"

 The expenditure of ISRO's last 40 years is half a year of NASA costs. At the same time, NASA's internet speed is 91 GB and ISRO's Internet speed is 2 GBps.There is also a Space Agency called Supraco in Pakistan. ISRO was built in 1961 in 1961. ISRO has launched 86 satellites for itself till date, but SPRO is only 2 with the help of foreign countries.8mDuring the launch of India's first rocket, Indian scientists used to come to buses from Thiruvananthapuram everyday and eat lunch in the railway station. Earlier parts of the rocket were taken on bicycles.

Who win the battle of kholapur shivaji maharaj or adilshah?

Who win the battle of kholapur shivaji maharaj or adilshah?  The Battle of Kolhapur was a land war between the Maratha "Chhatrapati Shivaji maharaj" and Adilshahi forces of the city of Kolhapur on November 28, 1659, Maharashtra. The fight is known for Shivaji's glorious movement of war like Babar's strategy against Rana Sanga.

Who win the battle of kholapur shivaji maharaj or adilshah

1.commander and leader

from the Maratha side netaji palkar,godaji jadhavrao, and sidhoji lal and rustam zaman,fazal khan,fateh khan and Malik aitbar are commander and leader of Adil Shah.


Maratha has half of soldier according to adilshah forces. Maratha has 3500 people army and adilshah has more than 10000 people in his army.

3.Tactics for stop the Maratha by mughal

Rustam Zaman was planning to go to Panhala Fort. Shivaji feared this movement and appeared in a quick dash in front of Adilshahi forces on the morning of 28 December 1659. And attacked the enemy. Shivaji accused the Center of the other Maratha commanders attacked their relations. In a difficult fight, Adilshahi forces were sidelined. By noon Rustam Zaman had escaped from the ground

4.Clashes of Maratha and Mughals 

"afzal khan" are killed by shivaji on 10 Nov the war of partapgarh and win the  battle of partapgarh. Maratha take the advantage and win the 200km area under the leadership of shivaji maharaj. Maratha won many forts like Panhala and many others.

5.Results after the  battle 

adilshah lost his 2000 horses and 12 elephants to the Maratha. shivaji gained a large territory and became a emerging Empire and called chatarpati shivaji maharaj. the Maratha destroy the territory of adilshah.adil lives in his forts which name khelna. there are very difficult to Maratha to captured the Fort.but shivaji creates a plan to convinced the adilshah chief .so Maratha enter in the Fort. shivaji maharaj see all thing from outside the Fort. when Maratha attack the khelna Fort adil shah not in fort.hence Maratha win the battle of kholapur and shivaji maharaj change the name of Fort from Khelna to vishalgarh.

After the battle 'Maratha' are win the war of kholapur  in the leadership chatarpati shivaji maharaj

6.casualties and losses

in the kholapur war adil Shah 7500 people of his army died and from Maratha only 1000 people died.

7.some other interesting facts about Maratha

Maratha are famous for their loyalty (local language called zuban)

agriculture is main profession of Maratha.

chhatarpati shivaji maharaj is god for Maratha people

Martha are famous for his gorilla war Techniques

Mughal could never defeat Maratha in any battle

when Maratha kingdom are on peak he win the huge area from tanilnadu to Pakistan.

chhatarpati shivaji maharaj is called father of Indian army

The History Of Emperor Maharana Pratap you should know

The History Of Emperor Maharana Pratap you should know: Pratap Singh  born on (9 May 1540 - 29 January 1597 was popularly known as Maharana Pratap, he is currently the king of a region of Mewar in north-western India of Rajasthan. He was the eldest son of Uday Singh II (king of Mewar) and Jaywanta Bai.His successor, Amar Singh I, received his success.

The History Of Emperor Maharana                         Pratap you should know

1.Maharana pratap birth

maharana pratap was born on 9May
1540.he was a king of mewar A region of north westIndia.present day state of rajasthan. maharana pratap, father name udai singh and mother name jaiwanta bai.

2.Maharana pratap jyanti

maharana pratap birth anniversary celebrated as maharana pratap jayanti. on the third day of jyestha Shukla. in rajasthani people gives him position of god.

3.Maharana Pratap conflict with akbar

maharana pratap biggest enemy was Akbar who was the emperor of mughal.pratap brother sagar singh,jagmal singh and shakti singh are serve the akbar.and many more are commander in Akbar forces & member of council. one day Akbar send his delegation to convinced the pratap to join his army but pratap rejects the proposal.Since no compromise could be reached, it became indispensable in the all-war between the Mewar and the Mughals.

4.Leader of Akbar and pratap army

Akbar deputed man singh as leader of his army to force against maharana pratap.akbar forces was 2times higher than partap forces.ram Shah tanwar from Gwalior's lead the maharana pratap army with his three sons.

5.Haldighati war

in 18 June 1576 the battle of haldighati was start and end after 4 hours.the war will be fought as traditional manner between cavalry and elephants.The pressure of Mughal army was so much that the Rana had to retreat from the battlefield. The battle resulted in a defeat for the Rajputs and Rana Pratap.

The third day war of haldighati on 23 June 1576 mansingh won the gogunda.maharana
pratap recaptured thegogunda on 15 july and declared the kumbhgarh is temporary capital

6. After the battle of haldighati

Mughal pressure on Mewar after 1579 following rebellions in Bengal and Bihar and Mirza Hakim's incursion in the Punjab. In 1585, Akbar moved to Lahore and remained there for the next twelve years watching the situation in the pratap take the advantage of situation and recaptured the lost area which are
kumhlagarh, udaipur, googuda,chittor and all nearly areas.During this period, he also built a new capital, Chavand, near modern Dungarpur.His successful defiance of Mughals using guerrilla strategy also proved inspirational to figures ranging from Shivaji to anti-British revolutionaries in Bengal.

7.Cause of died of maharana pratap

pratap died due to injuries of sustained in a hunting accident at chavand. which was the capital of pratapReportedly, Pratap died of injuries sustained in a hunting.on 29 January 1597 died at a age of 57.

8. maharana pratap memoriel

maharana pratap memoriel in udaipur is dedicated to famous rajputana warrior maharana pratap.
this is famous tourist destination.people see the achievement of rajputana hero maharana pratap

Some interesting and funny facts about maharana pratap

Maharana Pratap was called in the name of Kika in childhood. Pratap Inka and Rana Uday Singh were the names of their father.
 Pratap's weight was 110 kg and heights was 7 feet 5 inches.Pratap's spear was 81 kg and 72 kg of chest cover. His spear, armor, shield, and two swords together, together, totaled 208 kg.Pratap had 11 marriages due to political reasons.Maharana Pratap's sword armor etc are safe in Udaipur Raj museum's museum.Akbar had told Rana Pratap that if you bow before us, then half of India will belong to you, but Maharana Pratap said that he will die but will not bow down to the Mughals.Pratap's horse, Chetak used to talk to the wind. He had put the foot on the head of the elephant and jumped on the top of the 26-feet long groove with the injured Pratap.The commander of Pratap was fighting for some time even after cutting his head.

18 funny facts about Mcdonald u Wants To Know

18 funny facts about Mcdonald  u Wants To Know: McDonald's is an American hamburger and fast food restaurant chain. It was founded in 1940 as a barbecue restaurant operated by Richard and Morris Macdonald in San Bernardin, California. In 1948, he regrouped his business as a hamburger stand using production line principles. Opened in 1953, the first McDonald's franchise using the Mendel Lodge in Phoenix, Arizona. Businessman Ray Krak joined the company as a franchise agent in 1955 and later bought a series from McDonald's brothers. Based in Oak Brook, Illinois, McDonald's confirmed the transfer of its global headquarters to Chicago by the beginning of 2018.          

   18 funny facts about Mcdonald                                 u Wants To Know

1.75 burgers, 46 kg French fries and 30cup of cups are selling buy McDonald's every second.

2.McDonald burger has less fat as compare to salad

3.1 billion 36 million killo potatoes are used in making of French fries by Mcdonald

4.Arizona is only place McDonald Open their restaurant in firozi color.

5.Paris is only place McDonald open their restaurant in White colour.

6.5 billion earn every day by McDonald's

7.The queen of England has own McDonald

8.The smallest McDonald restaurant was open in Japan and biggest was open in China.

9.McDonald's has 36899 branches in all over world and every 4 hours "McDonald" launched their new branches

10.Bill Gates have golden card of MacDonald they can eat anything anytime for free

11."Richard and maurice" founded McDonald in 1940 in California .they sold to a man named Kroc for 27 lac dollar on 1961

12.McDonald's is one of the world's largest restaurant chains, serving approximately 69 million customers daily in over 100 countries

13.McDonald's is the world's second largest private employer (behind Walmart with 1.9 million employees), 1.5 million of whom work for franchises.

14.By 1993, McDonald's had sold more than 100 billion hamburgers The once widespread restaurant signs that the number of sales, such as this one in Harlem, was left at "99 billion" because there was space for only two digits.

15.The company is currently the owner of all of its assets  estimated $ 16 to $ 18 billion.

16.McDonald's began banning smoking in 1994 when it banned smoking within its 1,400 wholly owned restaurants.

17.McDonald's pledged to stop using eggs from battery cage facilities by 2025.

18.McHappy Day is an annual event at McDonald's, where a percentage of the day's sales go to charity. It is the signature fundraising event for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

18 Intresting myths about titanic you should know

18 Intresting myths about titanic you should know: Titanic was a British passenger liner that was sunk in the North Atlantic Ocean on the morning of 15 April 1912, it collided with iceberg during its first visit to New York City from Southampton. There were an estimated 2,224 passengers and crew aboard the ship, and more than 1,500 died, it was made one of the deadliest commercial cool weather marine accidents in modern history. The RMS Titanic was the largest ship, the time it entered the service and was the second place for three Olympic-class ocean liners operated by the White Orline Line. The Titanic was built by Harland and Wolf Shipyard in Belfast. Thomas Andrews, his architect, died in the disaster.

18 Intresting myths about titanic You should know that

1.In 1985, 73 years after the drowning, Titanic's debris was found. It was found in depth at a depth of 12,600 feet

2.46000 horsepower produced by titanicThe ship's engine . This is half of the engine of the Boeing 777 aircraft.

3.Those people who are save in Titanic the people of Japan are still called cowardly Q that they did not die with their ancestors other people.

4.Millvina Dean was the last surviving person to survive the Titanic accident. This too died on 31 May 2009 at the age of 97. It was the youngest on the Titanic and it was 2 months old.

5.In 1997, there was a movie "Titanic", whose budget was more than 'Titanic ship'. In the making of the vessel, 75 lakh dalers (about 48 crores), while the cost of making the movie was about 20 million dollars (about 12 billion rupees). This movie is 2nd in world in terms of earning (Avatar on 1st). It has earned 2 billion dollars. With this money, today 5 Titanic can be made

6.the crew members of the Titanic did not have telescope. It was placed in a locker whose key was lost.Iceberg was seen even a little earlier

7.Titanic is the only single ship which is destroy by (iceberg).

8.In 1912 Titanic-making, skilled artisans were given a week's dilapidated and unskilled craftsmen for 5 weeks

9.Titanic full names was "Royal mail ship"Titanic is created by ‘White Star Line’.

10. Titanic's first-class menu sells for 62 million on March 31, 2012

11.Titanic 1st class ticket prices is $ 4,350 (about Rs 2 lakh 70 thousand) at that time. For the 2nd class, it was worth 60 dollars (about 4 thousand rupees) and for the 3rd class 30 dollars (about two thousand rupees) was to be paid.

12.the richest men of England is travelling in there is setback for England because economy of England was setback

13.6 lakh kilos of coal was burnt in the day on the Titanic. 176 people used to put this coal in their steam with their hands

14.the weight of Titanic was 46,326 tons (about 4 crore 63 lakh 26 thousand kg)

15.The whistle of Titanic could be heard up to 16 kilometers away from him

16.On Titanic, there were 39,000 kilograms of meat, 40 thousand eggs, 40 tons potatoes, 1,590 kg of onions, 36,000 apples present for eating food and food. Onboard, 63,000 liters of water was consumed on the ship.

17.1,503 people total died, including passengers and crew. One of the first lifeboats to leave the Titanic carried only 28 people; it could have held 64 people. There were enough life-jackets for all 2,208 people, and most everyone was wearing one.

18.300 dead bodies were pulled from the sea the next morning.

Revealed: 25 shocking facts about Taj Mahal you didn't know!



Revealed: 25 shocking facts about Taj Mahal you didn't know: Taj Mahal  more often  Which means palace  Indian city Agra has an ivory white marble mausoleum on the south bank of Yamuna river. To rule of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan (1628-1658), in 1632, it was placed on the grave of his favorite wife, Mamtaz Mahal. The grave is the center of the 17-hectare (42 acres) campus, which includes a mosque and a guest house, and is set in the formal gardens, which is surrounded by all three walls

Revealed: 25 shocking facts about Taj           Mahal you didn't know!

1.The Taj Mahal cost about Rs. 32 million, which in today's money would probably exceed $1 billion!
-It took 22 years and 22,000 people to build this structure.

2.Emperor Shah Jahan ordered that every worker's hands be chopped off immediately after construction, so that no one could ever recreate the Taj Mahal.

3.The name Arjumand Bano Begum was named after the name of "Shahjahan", Mumtaz Mahal, meaning "Palace chosen," or "Palace Jewel".

4.Shah Jahan lost "Mumtaz Mahal" when he had given birth to his 14 thousand children.

5.More than 1,000 elephants were employed to transport building materials.

In order to decorate the Taj with the work of beautiful forest of Taj, 28 different varieties of semi-precious and precious stones were used.

6.It depends on the time of day and whether or not the moon occurs at night, the Taj Mahal appears to be different colors each time.

7.Some people also believe that changing.     patterns of colors depict a woman's               different mood.

8.The headquarters of the Quran has been used as decorative elements throughout the campus.

9.On the edge of the real grave of Mumtaz Mahal, 99 names of Allah can be found in the form of calligraphy inscription.

Taj was built in the palace, taking a tomb with a chair and about 15 years. It took an additional 5 years to complete the construction of the Meenarias, Mosques, Answers and Gateways.

10.Various types of stones used in construction of Taj Mahal were brought from many different regions and countries: Rajasthan, Punjab, China, Tibet, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Arab.

11.During the Indian Rebellion of 1857, many precious stones and Lapis Lazuli (a semi precious stone) broke through the walls of the British.

12.Ten palaces attract twice more than 200,000 overseas visitors annually.

13.Taj Mahal is the highest place in India as one of the most recognizable and prestigious images of India.

14.Its delicate minarets, beautified curved archways and ice cream scoop dom have inspired many people to stand at the entrance to the pilgrimage and wonder at their grandeur.

15.This wonder is not found only in the construction of it.

16.There is a building which is rich in history because it is in a wonderful marble, to better appreciate this history,

 Some important construction of taj mahal

17.It is estimated that more than 22,000 people have constructed this magnificent building which includes laborers, painters, stone bowls, embroidered artists and many others.

18.According to legend, it is believed that Emperor Shah Jahan had planned to build another Taj Mahal in the black marble on the other side of the river, but war with his sons hindered his plans.

19. Tajmahal takes different colors of different times of the day, pink in the morning, milky white in the evening and sleeping at night. Moon They say that changing colors resembles the changing mood of women - especially the Queen of the emperor.

Built in memory of Mumtaz Mahal, the third and most favorite wife of the emperor, Taj Mahal said to complete 17 years.

20.It is said that death, such a crushing emperor has said that all his hair and beard have become white in a few months.

The Taj Mahal is completely identical all around, creating a surprisingly illustrated image on each side.

21.It uses the principles of self-replication geometry and homogeneity of architectural elements.

22.The Taj Mahal is surrounded by important gardens and several other buildings, which have mosques and guest houses that make up 17 hectares of land within complex walls. The height of Taj Mahal is 171 meters (561 feet).

23.During the Indian Revolt of 1857, the British used more than 1,000 elephants to transport the building material used for the construction of the Taj with its walls.

The mood of Taj is different from the morning.

24.The crown of Taj Mahal or palaces looks milky white in soft light which talks about the morning, while the sun is bright in the afternoon and the bright sunlight is bright, almost like a jewel against the opaque blue color of the horizon.

25.From inside the Taj field u can see the other beauty inside tajmahal

Chandni Garden - From Mehtab Bagh

Agra fort - Mughal house

Taj Mahal from Yamuna River

The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Facts About Samsung Group


The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Facts About Samsung Group: Samsung Group is a South Korean multinational organization headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul.There are many affiliated businesses,Most of them include Samsung Are united under the brand, and it is the largest South Korean chibol (trade organization).

The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Facts About Samsung Group

1.Samsung is a company of South Korea. Korean companies are Samsung's favorite companies.

2.Samsung is a group, Samsung Electronics and Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Fire and Marine etc are its well-known companies.

3.It was founded in 1938 by Li Buung Chal, Li Buung Chal has established the company with the business of fruit, in 1960,

4.Samsung stepped into the market of Samsung Electronics. After Lee's death in 1987, Samsung was divided into three parts: Shinsegae Group, CJ Group and Hansol.

5.In 1990, Samsung emerged as an international corporation

6.Samsung is the world's largest smartphone manufacturer.

7.Samsung  headquarters in Town, Seoul

8.Samsung was divided into four trading groups - Samsung Group, Shinsheng Group, CJ Group and Hansol Group.

9.Samsung has a strong influence on South Korea's economic development, politics, media and culture, and behind the "miracle on the Haven River" is a major driving force.

10. Its affiliated companies make a fifth of South Korea's total exports.

11.Samsung's revenue was equivalent to 17% of South Korea's 1,082 billion GDP.

12.The SPC-1000 was introduced in 1982, was Samsung's first personal computer (only the Korean market) and an audio cassette tape used to load and save.

13.Samsung began as a small business company, with 40 employees working in Su-dong (now in Angia-Dong).

14.The world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, The 4th tallest  are actually built by Samsung C&T Corporation (A company  of Samsung Group).

15.Samsung’s Group employees nearly million people around the world

16 Interesting facts about "Reliance jio"

16 Interesting facts about  "Reliance jio"
Reliance Jio Infocom Ltd., or GO, is the LTE mobile network operator in India. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries, headquartered in New Mumbai, Maharashtra, which is a wireless 4G LTE service network (without 2G / 3G based services) Provides and only 'VOLETE-ON' (Voice Over LTE) operator in the country, the heritage network support of 2G and 3G, all 22 telecom circles in India With coverage in all india.

 Interesting Facts about the world's        richest mobile opreater company "Reliance jio"

1.Jio has about 25000 km of optical fiber cable network in India.

2.Jio has established over 90000, 4G LTE tower.

3.They have set up mobile towers that look like trees.

4.They own two international submarine cable landing stations

5.There are 4G spectrum in all 22 areas of the sole company

6.They have only 4g Geo aims to provide Wi-Fi hotspot across the country.

7.India's largest private taxpayer

8.First Private Indian Enterprise in Fortune 500.

9.It operates the largest single location refinery in the world.

10.One of the largest retailer in India
They have installed mobile towers which look like trees. Therefore, they help in maintaining beauty and meet in the surrounding mixture.

11.The company was known as Infotel Broadband Services Limited and in January 2013, Reliance Jio infocom Ltd was renamed its name.

12.The company was incorporated in 2007 and it is located in Mumbai, India.

13. Mukesh Ambani bought 90% stake in Infotel and changed his name to Reliance Jio.

14.Reliance Industries (RIL) Chairman Mukesh Ambani has said that the telecom unit is "ready" to prepare its fourth generation (4G) services and will cover 80% of India's 1.3 billion population in the second half of 2016. "By the end of 2017, we will cover 90% and 2018, all India will be covered through this digital infrastructure," said Ambani.

15.Mukesh Ambani invested Rs 1,50,000 crore in Geo. This is probably the highest investment

16After the death of Dhirubhai Ambani, what has happened to many things, which have finally been inspired to form Jio

19 Amazing And Interesting Facts About YouTube in English


19 Amazing and Interesting Facts About YouTube :YouTube is an American video sharing website which is headquartered in San Bruno, California. This service was created in February 2005 by three former PayPal employees - Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. Google had purchased this site for $ 1.65 billion in November 2006; YouTube now works as one of Google's subsidiaries,Youtube, llc

YouTube Facts in English, युट्युब से जुड़ी 19 रोचक जानकारियां

1.YouTube was founded by "Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim",

2.The first video to reach one million views was a Nike advertisement featuring Ronaldinho in November 2005

3.The first YouTube video, titled Me at the zoo, shows co-founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo

4.According to third-party web analytics providers, Alexa and SimilarWeb, YouTube is the second-most visited website in the world, as of December 2016; SimilarWeb also lists YouTube as the top TV and video website globally, attracting more than 15 billion visitors per month

5.October 2006, Google Inc. announced that it had acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in Google stock,and the deal was finalized on November 13, 2006

6.In March 2010, YouTube began free streaming of certain content, including 60 cricket matches of the "Indian Premier League"

7.Access to YouTube was blocked in Turkey between 2008 and 2010, following controversy over the posting of videos deemed insulting to Mustafa Kemal Atatürkand some material offensive to Muslims.

8.After 18 months of the establishment of YouTube Google bought it for $ 165 million.

9.Within three months of establishment of YouTube, three lakh people started coming to it. Three months later, this number tripled and within one year it reached 4 million.

10.Initially YouTube was named "Universal Tube & Rollforms Equipment" which was later "UTubeOnline" and finally 'YouTube'.

11.YouTube is the world's third largest website with 100 million active users. (First is Google and second Facebook.)

12.More than 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

13.YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

14.More than 1 lakh videos are watched in a second on YouTube.

15.The most watched video on YouTube is 'Gangnam Style', which has been seen more than 261 million times.

17.The song is 'Baby', which has been disliked by more than 65 lakh people.
Before uploading Gangnam Style, there was the most watched video on YouTube.

18About 60% of YouTube's 100 most popular videos have been blocked in Germany.

19.There are manycountries who blocked
YouTube, such as Brazil, Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia,China, Iran, Indonesia etc.

21 interesting facts about Sachin Tendulkar the god of cricket


21 interesting facts about Sachin Tendulkar the god of cricket: Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar (born April 24, 1973) is a former Indian cricketer and former captain, who is the greatest batsman of all time.Tendulkar played cricket at the age of eleven on 15 November 1989 in Karachi, making his first Test match in sixteen years against Pakistan, representing Mumbai at the international level, Mumbai and international level. Nearly twenty-four years he is the only player to make one hundred international centuries, the first batsman to make a double century in one-day internationals, who holds the record for most runs in both ODIs and Test cricket, and the only player in international cricket Complete more than 30,000 runs.

23 funny things related to Sachin

1.Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar born 24 April 1973

2.Sachin is former Indiancricketer and a former captain, widely regarded as the greatest batsman of all time.

3.Tendulkar took up cricket at the age of eleven, made his Test debut on 15 November 1989 against Pakistan in Karachi. 

4.In 2002, just halfway through his career, Wisden Cricketers' Almanack ranked him the second greatest Test batsman of all time, behind Don Bradman, and the second greatest ODI batsman of all time, behind Viv Richards.

5.Tendulkar received the "Arjuna Award" in 1994 for his outstanding sporting achievement, the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award in 1997, India's highest sporting honour, and the Padma Shriand Padma Vibhushan awards in 1999 and 2008,16 November 2013, the Prime Minister's Office announced the decision to award him the "Bharat Ratna", India's highest civilian award.He is the youngest recipient to date and the first ever sportsperson to receive the award.

6.In December 2012, Tendulkar announced his retirement from ODIs.He retired from Twenty20 cricket in October 2013and subsequently announced his retirement from all forms of cricket,retiring on 16 November 2013 after playing his 200th and final Test match, against the West Indies in Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium

7.Tendulkar was born at Nirmal Nursing Home in Dadar, Bombay on 24 April 1973 in a Maharashtrian family.His father, Ramesh Tendulkar, was a well-known Marathi novelist and his mother, Rajni, worked in the insurance industry.

8.Ramesh named Tendulkar after his favourite music director, Sachin Dev Burman. Tendulkar has three elder siblings: two half-brothers Nitin and Ajit, and a half-sister Savita.

9.On 14 November 1987, Tendulkar was selected to represent Bombay in the Ranji Trophy, India's premier domestic First-class cricket tournament, for the 1987–88 season

10.In 1992, at the age of 19, Tendulkar became the first overseas-born player to represent Yorkshire, 

11.Tendulkar's rise continued when he was the leading run scorer at the 1996 World Cup, scoring two centuries.He was the only Indian batsman to perform in the semi-final against Sri Lanka.

12.Tendulkar made 673 runs in 11 matches in the 2003 "Cricket World Cup"helping India reach the final. While Australia retained the trophy that they had won in 1999, Tendulkar was given the Man of the Tournament award.

13.Tendulkar was made the icon player and captain for his home side, the Mumbai Indiansin the inaugural Indian Premier LeagueTwenty20 competition in 2008.

14.Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary, a fan ofTendulkar from Bihar, has followed almost all the matches played by Sachin since 2003 and has sacrificed his personal life to watch Sachin's play

15.Tendulkar has scored over 1000 runs in a calendar year in ODIs 7 times, and in 1998 he scored 1,894 runs, the record for the highest number of runs scored by any player in a single calendar year for One-Day Internationals.He is the first male cricketer to score a double-century in one-day cricket.

16.He also holds the record of the highest number of centuries in both Tests (51) and ODIs (49) as well as in Tests and ODIs combined (100). On 16 March 2012, Tendulkar scored his 100th international hundred. 

17.Tendulkar is a practising Hindu. He is an ardent devotee of the deity Ganesha and was a disciple of the guru Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi.

18.Tendulkar has opened two restaurants: Tendulkar's[361] (Colaba, Mumbai) and Sachin's[362] (Mulund, Mumbai) and Bangalore. Sachin owns these restaurants in partnership with Sanjay Narang of Mars Restaurants.

19.In April 2012, Tendulkar accepted the Rajya Sabha nomination proposed by the President of India and became the first active sportsperson and cricketer to have been nominated

20.Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography Playing It My Way published by Hachette India was released on 6 November 2014 and broke all records for an adult hardback across both fiction and non-fiction categories with 1,50,289 copies confirmed on order subscriptions.

21.Sachin: A Billion Dreams, an Indian film directed by James Erskine is based on the life of Tendulkar where Tendulkar played his character himself.

17 Interesting Facts about the World's Richest Company "Apple"

17 Amazing Facts About AppleCompany in Hindi:Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Captchaño, California, which designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, computer software and online services. The company's hardware products include iPhone smartphones, iPad tablet computers, Mac personal computers, iPod portable media players, Apple Watch smartwatch, Apple TV digital media player and homepod smart speaker. Apple's consumer software includes Mac OS and iOS operating system, iTunes media player, Safari web browser and iLife and iWorks creativity and productivity suite. Its online services include iTunes Store, iOS App Store and Mac App Store, App Music and Icloud.

    17 Amazing Facts About Apple.                            Company in Hindi

1.Steve Jobs was founded on April 1, 1976, along with two of his colleagues Stephen Wojenac and Ronald Wayne, founded Apple Company. At that time Steve Jobs's age was only 21 years.

2. Just two weeks after the establishment of Apple Company, Ronald Wayne sold his shares for $ 800 and separated from the company. His share price today is more than $ 60 billion i.e. 4 lakh crore rupees.

3. You might be surprised to know that Steve started Apple Company with the garage of his house at an initial cost of just $ 1,300.

4. Apple's first product of Apple company was Apple-1 Computer. To support Apple-1, Wojenac was responsible for the technique and design, while Steve's job was to market.

5.At present, Apple is the world's most valued company, whose market value is $ 612 billion (that is, about 41 lakh crore rupees).

6. Apple's total earnings in the first three months of 2014 was also gross in earnings of Google, Facebook and Amazon.

7.Apple is the world's second largest mobile maker after "Samsung".

8.In 1976 some of the Apple-1 orders were met by the company, neither did Steve Jobs nor Finch Vojacke have the money to complete them. To overcome the problem of money, both had to sell their lot.

9.Apple is the world's second largest mobile maker after Samsung.

10.Salary earnings for workers working in Apple's headquarters are more than 80 lakh rupees.

11.They made apples, they painted the apple in seven colors of the rainbow.
Steve Jobs made changes in the third person in 1998, he designed apples with beets, they started eating and they were separated from other fruits. Nowadays the logo of the company is white apple.

12.In 2014, Apple sold approximately 3 million 40 thousand mobile phones every day.

13.Apple Company earns approximately 25 to 30 million rupees per minute.

14.Apple Macebook's battery is bulletproof, i.e.if you shoot a shot and it comes to your Apple Macebook then your life can besaved
15.The Apple company has around 1,15,000 employees worldwide, of which there is a good number of Indians.

16.Like Google's Play Store, Apple also has its own App Store. Every year hundreds of millions of people do Downlaod apps from the Apple Store. But one thing is also shocking that more than 50 percent of Apple Store's apps have never been downloaded.

17.In the year 1986, "Steve Jobs" was ousted from Apple, but he returned to the company in 1996.